Perspectives for new insights

It seems society as a whole has stopped learning in certain aspects. Of course, Homo Sapiens as species has truly evolved last 20 years or so, but our basic instincts has not moved forward at all. They are there, written in our DNA, supported by culture and maybe we should just accept that. But, however….

The immigrants

There’s a popular TV-show in Sweden called “Allt för Sverige” (All for Sweden) that brings ancestors of Swedish immigrants to America back on Swedish soil trying to find their Swedish roots. Entertainment, of course, but as the loud american learns about their great-great-grand-dads etc tears are lost and found. “Ann-Marie had 8 children, 6 died, one of them fled to America…” etc.

In one episode, the competitors had to stay with a to Sweden welcomed refugee from Somalia (I think) and one of the american competitors thought that that was the most significant meeting of the whole show/journey. He said, “-If I ever feel grumpy, am complaining or feeling negative or what so ever in the future, then just say that name: Mahad.”

The Heritage

Another public service TV-show just took me away completely. Rischard with Downs syndorome died and had some money on his account over – had spent all of his life in Swedish institutions and basically had a descent life. But no relatives. The purpose of the TV-show is to find the relatives so that the heritage can be handed over.

Turns out his parents escaped Nazi-terror and Auschwitz etc. Both had to give away spouse and child, met in Lodz ghetto and was rescued to Sweden and then got their child Rischard. Then they got another child, and was hoping to go to America to just get rid of history and horrible events that had passed. Sadly enough, Rischard wasn’t allowed to go to America since he was an “idiot”. But if the parents were able to cope in America, their son could come home to them in future. Sadly, Swedish doctor thought Rischard was useless so he could never rejoin.


Show ends with mother’s sister’s son gathering big jewish family in Sweden. Giving Rischard a proper funeral and cermony at jewish cemetary in Malmö – and all crying of both joy and sadness.

The unwanted

Third perspective, is a radio documentary. Also Public service (thank you all tax-payers including me) and is about a young child being “discovered” as homosexual by his mom in deep “middle-east” Syria. Became a prisoner in his own room for months, rejected by mother, father and big brother. But there was a little sister helping him to escape to Lebanon. Big brother chasing, hunting him down caused him to flee to UN-embassy applying for quouting-refugee status and Sweden responded with approval.

Once in Sweden, he learns Swedish quickly and gets a job and meets his love of his life. A dude from Poland working for a Swedish company and he had learned Swedish in spare time. Nawras will never return to Syria or that part of the world – he has found peace, happiness, life and the future. Both contributing to society now, so thanks! We need you!


So thank you Sweden and all of you being on the good side of life. Swedish elections brought a lot of insecurity in forming government. I know where I stand. Hope you do too.

Just some thoughts from the top of my mind, from the other side of the planet, living life in the best country of the world: Sweden.

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