Systemic failure nr 10: Schools are a mirror of society

Here’s the 10th systemic failure:

Schools are isolated from the society and the common notion decision makers have is that schools are a mirror of society and not the other way around.


I believe that the only way we can truly change society is by doing right in school, everyday. If we introduce distress in school, we will have it in society later. If we allow people to bully others we will also have that in society. If we introduce and build our whole education system on competition among individuals we will have trouble cooperating as adults. If we use grades and tests giving grades and reward kids for being shortsighted (learn for the test, not for life) that will translate to result-fixation and short-term solutions in society.

If we divide knowledge into different subjects (to make things easier) in school, we will do the same in society, dividing different operations in a municipality as separate parts for example the education budget has nothing to do with the social services department’s budget or the health budget. When dealing with larger complex questions like the environment we will have a “forest department”, one “sea department”, one “countryside department” and surely one “city department” one for the mountains etc – never will they agree on being dependent of each other. Reality becomes reduced to something simple and therefor simple solutions will always be chosen before more complex.

If we do not learn in school for life and we don’t develop interest for learning science, arts, music, culture, read/write in many languages and always being aware of the reality, when are we supposed to? 

If young people fails to see the point of their education then why really should we have education whatsoever in this form still? If school itself forgets it’s own purpose and right to existence then maybe we should consider other forms of learning and classify old education as an environmental hazard. 

Let’s bring out all good things that’s happening in school today and AVOID the bad, find some kind of ideal state in every situation at school and find ways to learning for EVERY child out there. It’s human right to become educated the best way possible.

If we teach our kids how to feel good, they will feel good an create goodness in society later. That’s the only way we can in the long run improve the global community.

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