Systemic failure nr 9: The problems comes from within, not from the outside

Here’s the ninth systemic failure:

The outside world is mainly believed as causing the school’s problems of today (misbehaving and lazy pupils, spoiled parents, the entertainment industry, Internet and technology etc) rather than the design of the education system itself.

 Every complex business organisation existing today has been forced to change and adapt. There have been major, major changes mostly due to:

  1. Global competition that has enforced requirements on effectiveness – every employee needs to perform more on less time and to a lower cost – agility, versatility and continuous emergence is key factors.
  2. Global opportunities has been forcing companies to think globally – local markets are too small and the above competition demands lower prices and more reasonably quality.
  3. Technology advances has created enormous opportunities for changes in life as we know it – we can cooperate over borders, 24/7 and we are not dependent on physical workplaces.

But of course, nothing of this have really bothered those that decides upon the education system. Schools are a sacred place that doesn’t need to change and adapt to its new global “customers”.

People are truly having the opportunities of fulfilling their lives, since anything nowadays is possible. There’s almost nothing that can stop a person fulfilling his/her dream. This, however can cause distress – therefore coaching and self-awareness and self-leadership, team building, team learning etc becomes important (in the outside world) so that the distress becomes eustress instead.


Eustress occurs when the gap between what one has and what one wants is slightly pushed, but not overwhelmed. The goal is not too far out of reach but is still slightly more than one can handle. This fosters challenge and motivation since the goal is in sight. The function of challenge is to motivate a person toward improvement and a goal. Challenge is an opportunity-related emotion that allows people to achieve unmet goals. Eustress is indicated by hope and active engagement. Eustress has a significantly positive correlation with life satisfaction and hope. However, experiencing chronic stress, either in the form of distress or eustress, is negative.

But of course this is nothing for our dear kids in school. It’s better to put them on drugs so that they will endure the non-stimulating environment.

As it is now, school feeds itself with continuous problems since solutions considered can only be internal despite the fact that it’s the internal solutions that causes the problems from the beginning.

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