Systemic failure nr 6: Thinkable solutions cause even more problems

Here’s the sixth systemic failure: 

Thinkable solutions are always internal and seems to trigger even more problems than they solve.


At least in Sweden any solutions supposed to help increasing the “results” attached to the PISA and TIMSS are always internal. It’s impossible to even think in new terms since the system is so full of tradition and habits. Politicians are suggesting solutions that the voters recognize and with 1/5 of the population passing the age of 60 you can be sure of what ideas might be suggested. Here’s some of the old crap:

  1. Grades in order help discover kids that needs extra support (as if teachers were both deaf and blind)
  2. Summer school for those that needs to be further motivated to keep up with the pace
  3. Education for teachers that needs to improve their old school teaching
  4. Raised salary for the teachers
  5. Allowing paid (tax-reduced) homework help
  6. More national tests (so that the grades can be calibrated)
  7. Taking away structures for school drop-outs to later come back to school.
  8. Competence development for teachers and their math skills.
  9. Fewer pupils in the class room (despite there’s an alarming lack of teachers)
  10. Introducing teacher certification (in order to shut out even more teachers?)

It’s like if you have a weight problem and coming to the conclusion that MORE pizza will solve the problem. And if that doesn’t help losing weight, then even more pizza will take care of it. If the measuring and control does not help, then even more control needs to be performed not realizing it kills the learning processes.

When the reforms are not working then the arguments becomes a blame-game. It’s the former government fault (8 years ago), it’s the underlaying culture (western entertainment), it’s the Internets fault, it’s the lazy kids fault, it’s the parents fault, it’s the environment in school’s fault, it’s the bad teachers fault, it’s the municipalities fault etc. No-one seems to even consider that it might be the way we push out so called knowledge for young to consume in the class-room, within time of the lecture and with the magic teacher. No-one seems to think our kids are even citizens-to-be. They cannot be trusted with anything, not even their own choices regarding their learning and their future.

Must we like Moses did wander 20 more years in the desert to simply just let the old thoughts die out with those advocating them the most?

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