Systemic failure nr 5: Education must be boring

Here’s the fifth systemic failure:

We are suffering from the wrong thinking model, assuming school is hard work and no fun learning.

In the debate about school many refer to that in order to learn “deeply” repetition and hard work is necessary. Life is hard and to be bored is a part of life. 

No way in hell I say.

The problem with this kind of reasoning is the need some people have to control and decide over other people. Do this, do that. Work hard til you die and you will be rewarded after life. The other wrong argument is about some famous person like Björn Borg spending hour after after hour, day after day, year after year hitting the ball against that garage-door. Practise makes perfect sort of. Well, he didn’t have an idiot yelling at him all the time forcing him to make all that training. He wanted to do this because he had a greater goal, got his kicks from it etc.

So in any situation, walking out with the trash is ok and not boring since you have a larger meaning, a purpose (stinks inside). You just do it. However, this could be very boring if you had to take care of the neighbours trash every week without even getting a thank you. Let’s say it’s just an old tradition and you don’t know why really. Then it becomes boring and life should not be about being bored. 

People can run marathons or participate in Iron mans if they find a meaning doing so. And they will not be bored. Going to school might be boring, tho. Why do you think? It’s crazy, when in fact it should be the most wonderful place on earth to go. A place of happiness, sanctuary and inspiration.

School must never fall into being an old institution only preserving a tradition, school should be about individual learning, not mass-education. Learning is one of the main drives for the human race – why should we year after year ruin that capability by providing a truly boring curriculum (for almost every student) and by forcing young energetic kids to sit on a chair and listen to boring grown-ups? I sometimes wonder who the school is designed for – not today’s kids anyway. 

Education should be about having fun, living life and of course work hard for own goals, not others. 

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