Systemic failure nr 3: Schools cannot be re-designed

Here’s the third systemic failure: 

Schools are not designed to deal with individuals, it’s somehow a truth that we cannot afford designing a school that truly is “personified” for each student’s needs.


 Everything humans do here on earth is our doings. Each system we create we have designed and invented. It’s all invented. However, some systems are designed to deal with smaller aspects of reality even if in reality they are affecting larger realities. Take the education system for example. Every year kids are being violated, they fail in school, they drop-out and/or are bullied-out of society for life. Later in life these kids may become drug addicts, criminals, rasists or whatever. I don’t believe the school system is designed to hurt kids, but the effect is there. The ugly truth is there, no matter how we struggle to ignore it. 

Now, it’s ok to re-design education. I promise, the world as we know it won’t end in complete disaster. Quite the opposite, if every child could leave school, ready for life, filled with energy and with some sort of plan for the future I promise we will have a better world.

If we redesigned education to fit every individual we would get rid of a number of group-problems and loads of frustration amongst both students and teachers. 

Let’s imagine we have a “learning tree” like a map sort of with different branches and leaves to conquer. Yes, it could be like a game. The branches are learning paths towards “mastery levels” and “master capabilities”. Each individual selects their own branches/tracks and wins leaves/badges when ready. Tracks can include team-work, be completely individual or include cooperation over Internet and over International borders. They can include interacting with society, people or companies. Tracks could also be sponsored of course. And of course there are also branches for health, exercise, eating well, being social etc – a holistic approach that supports the whole human being.

Each track contains different skill levels with lowest acceptable level to be able to unlock more (fun and interesting) tracks. All the time progress can be measured (by seeing how many badges are won) without disturbing the learning processes. 

 See? And this solution will cost less, cause less unhealthy kids/teachers and will produce better fitted entrepreneurial citizens. How can we NOT afford this when expenses in society for bad health, crime, drugs, violence etc exists, perhaps due to the systemic failure of the old education system? 

Sometimes I wonder if we have forgotten the ability to think at all.

6 thoughts on “Systemic failure nr 3: Schools cannot be re-designed

  1. I feel that changes to education, much like issues within say the design of societies, takes a hell of a long time to happen slowly or it gets knocked down fast and we all panic while we wait to migrate to the next system.

    • Schools and the education system is a part of a ecosystem… with a 20 year cycle. Way too long for yearly budgets, quarterly results and decreasing budgets and resources. And no one realizes that. It seems I’m the only one on the whole planet that have insight on this stupidity.

      • Well I supposed to have insight you have to be familiar with it, from the outside it does seem that one or two people can’t really come to understand it. Progress is never made by the lazy or impatient.

      • Took me a while there with the “impatient”, but ok. Impatience may cause jumps to something else. I consider myself as both rust and yeast. I’m very eager and impatient. I will try anything to make things work. I’m immediate.

      • Funny, the idea of trying anything probably sounds like too much effort for someone too impatient, you must be lucky enough to have a blend of other personal traits besides simply being eager!

      • I do prefer infinite resources like abundance of happiness, determination, resolve, creativity, joy, learning, fantasy, relations before finite ones like lack of money, lack of know-how, lack of time, lack of technology etc.

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