Systemic failure nr 2: Students and teachers are treated as sheep.

Here’s the 2nd systemic failure:

2. Schools are assuming that all children can be treated as sheep basically, and so can the teachers. The education system assumes that no matter which level of development and maturity a child are into, it can be measured and compared with other children, thus creating some form of (stupid and evil hierarchy) among the children systematically.


Yes, the steering documents and even the law (at least in Sweden) says one thing (that schools should support life-long learning for EVERY unique child) and the teachers are supposed to know HOW this goal should be reached. Instead, in Sweden at least, both law, steering documents and the profession of teachers are run over by politicians fishing for votes and instead says that the PISA and TIMSS tests are the most significant. So they implement structures of more stress and pressure. Teachers aren’t trusted as professionals and children aren’t even considered as citizens – they are all like sheep to the system. This is a huge systemic failure.

Student and teachers are treated as sheep, since:

  1. One teacher suits everyone in the classroom
  2. Everyone is measured at the same time (why bother if the children have learned or not)
  3. Every child born the same year is of the same maturity level and can be tested the same way.
  4. Everyone should be tested as if they were to be academic professors as grown-ups and they are judged accordingly
  5. The global personalization trend is completely ignored – every child is the same.

Kids are individuals and should be measured and be “trained” accordingly. No matter how old a student is he or she should always be on an A-grade by reaching levels of skills (B Zanders How to give an A explains it). The time spent in school could take 3, 10 or 15 years, it doesn’t matter how long as long as the basic knowledge is learned (read, write, count, ability to think, social skills etc). Each kid should have a right to have extra help in each level by enough grown-ups, teachers and “fast” students (through for example Internet) and should be able to move on to more difficult tasks and challenges when needed.

Teachers should be treated with (mutual) respect – they are the one’s that can set up the right conditions for learning to take place. That’s how we “old” best can experience safety around our own ageing. 

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