Ten systemic problems with school (formal education)

This is a rather long story, but I will try be brief. 400 words is the goal.


I will in this #blogg100-challenge try to give my thoughts on modern, oh sorry, old education, that in fact, we are suffering from at the moment, mainly in the western world and also in most parts of Asia. Other more developing countries are actually more set up for dealing with current and upcoming problems. Maybe I’ll explain that as well some day. Anyway here’s my list of systemic problems:

  1. School (formal education) and it’s current design (the holy teacher, the holy classroom and the holy lesson) is based on a very old (1000 years old?!) idea and reality.
  2. Schools are assuming that every child can be treated as sheep basically, and so can the teachers. The education system assumes that no matter which level of development and maturity a child are into, it can be compared and measured, and should be measured, with other children thus creating some form of (stupid and evil hierarchy) among the children.
  3. Schools are not designed to deal with individuals, it’s somehow a truth that we cannot afford designing a school that truly is “personified” for each student’s needs.
  4. The debate is ultimately springing from logical fallacies for example authority beliefs (the teacher knows best), cherry picking (too many to mention), anecdotical evidence (old school worked for “me”), ad hominem (anyone outside school criticizing the education system is stupid).
  5. We are suffering from the wrong thinking model, assuming school is hard work and no fun learning.
  6. Thinkable solutions are always internal and seems to trigger even more problems than they solve.
  7. Education is designed so that students are trained to be good at school and are not being trained to be good for society.
  8. The decision makers have themselves been successful in the “old” school so they see no reason to change it for those who are not benefitting from it.
  9. The outside world is mainly believed as causing the school’s problems of today (misbehaving and lazy pupils, spoiled parents, the entertainment industry, Internet and technology etc) rather than the design of the education system itself.
  10. Schools are isolated from the society and the common notion decision makers have is that schools are a mirror of society and not the other way around.

There are many more of course but there’s a start. Please add more in the comments.

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