Collaboration vs Competition for the new times

I thought the opposite is a better list. In that one at least I find several good points that I need to work with. What will you need it for? I’m hoping to answer that in this post.

12 ways to build credibility:

  1. Value people’s time
  2. Be an authentic listener
  3. Do the job
  4. Be a good example and trust others to follow
  5. Keep promises and stick to agreements
  6. Be honest and open about mistakes
  7. Support your people
  8. Let the proper people take credit in success
  9. Be responsible and address only your own faults and mistakes
  10. Don’t take advantage of relations in only bad times.
  11. Commit to good idea projects and see them through – be patient.
  12. Accept criticism – listen, confirm & understand.

Seems like good advice if you need to build credibility. You can use it in your regular job and in what you do in your spare-time. But if we introduce Collaboration vs Competition which represents the new times vs the old times. In the new times we need to co-operate more not just within corporations, agencies or organisations like municipalities but between them – we need to collaborate across borders.

It is the opposite of working separately in competition.

In a region or a city why should there be competition? In a nation? Well, free markets and so on creates better products and services. Yes. That’s fine. That’s not what I’m talking about. This thing works incredibly well, everyone’s doing their portion. Just think of how many people that have been working “together” to make the device you are reading this from. So stuff and things we can produce efficiently – money replaces the human form of credibility.

Dealing with credibility and complex matters

But how about other things that might be more complex and require human interaction? Like Sustainability, Peace & providing food and medicine for all the people of the earth? There are always losers in a game and in a competition, and I’m afraid we can’t have that much longer. And that will bring consequences to many areas of interest in the future. It’s not that there’s a bunch of idiots stopping everything – everyone one the planet I believe deep in their hearts do not want others to suffer, to starve, to see their own kids die of dehydration or infections. It’s just the system. We don’t have the “game” to fix it. We don’t have the rules or the framework or the leadership to create significant change. But on the competition arena we can work “together” towards better computers, cheaper furnitures, better dish-washers, better cars etc – without leaders. Where’s the difference?

There’s no market for “soft” values

The easy stuff can be traded, toys, machines, construction material – on simple money transaction and this can be traded for other things like food or another job.



And this list. How does it apply to banks, governments & enterprises? Can you trust a bank to be a part of fixing world famine? Or a large corporation to increase communication in society? Can we trust Google? Facebook? There’s that gray zone. The moment they require money trust is gone and credibility lost. Is credibility going to be an important asset in the future? Yes. How should organisations work to earn credibility? Is there any company you know of that you would trust and that you feel have credibility?
The local food-store? But where do they get their goods from? Farmer’s market? TV? News-papers? Letterman? Any? You only trust those you know dependent of you? We only trust those that are “close”. And this viable for everyone on the planet. We all have our tribes. And share basically the same values.

Back to the credibility and asking for money part. Thing is, if you earn the credibility first in what you do and believe in (following the list) you can get away with asking for money as long as you’re into to cooperation area and making it clear that you are in the same team – if you do something for mutual benefit and have the trust and credibility you can actually become that bridge over old and new times.

Future credibility agencies?

Check out GoFundMe.
But be careful with that list, and make sure you are authentic. It will be like in the football/soccer player market. You will be able to sell your services like a consultant but working for the common good where there’s a lack of natural competition for production. In this way we can perhaps build the social capital/network across borders and information domains.

Back at square one?

So the numbers of social entrepreneurs are increasing – “give me money and I’ll fix peace of mind”. Now, if Gandhi had said that and was alive today the global support would be massive. Or if Einstein or today perhaps Dalai Lama..? The list is also about leadership. Show leadership qualities and you get credibility. But some “leaders” or social entrepreneurs are still driven by the paradigms of the industrial age – competition and not cooperation. How do we separate those honest, hard working, social entrepreneurs from those who’d sell your mother if they could? Is the list above some criteria? Yes I think so. Let’s begin with doing the job.

And thanks Venessa Miemis for posting the link.. and those that made the original post of course.


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