Motivation-driven development II – online workshop

Featuring Keynote speakers:

Brian Cox
Albert A. Bartlett
Iain McGilchrist
Derek Sivers
Peter Senge
Carl Sagan
and more…


For what? And what is it? It’s often about an ability to put things in perspective… And where to are the leaders taking us? Is there any global leadership at all? Sadly no. I wish there were tho. How else are we going to solve global problems? Right now everyone’s focused on their own interests, “protecting” the little piece of land they “own” – but global warming, pandemic flus, global financial crisis do NOT stopped by borders. Who are we kidding?
If we change the perspective to science and reality it might be easier to let go of borders and our own limitations. I love this presentation – it’s awesome.

So now if we have forgetten the daily fire-drill and all project work-packages that are the most important in the whole world for a short moment…

Take a look at this – the most important lecture in the world:

That was part 1. Let’s see the next one…

Ok, this lecture is about 40 minutes. But I promise it’s important in order to be able to understand. And if you think it goes too slow, think of the poor students in school that are forced to sit and listen everyday – and then to less important than the most important lecture in the world! About that equation – it’s so simple but our leaders aren’t really qualified to be as smart as Bartlett or as perhaps responsibility requires. And of course Bartlett would probably be “murdered” on TV by the mob if he would aim for presidential leadership.

Leadership… it feels modern leadership consist of some kind of machinery where the leaders in position are marionettes… They are a piece of haircut and a marketing campaign. The machinery is competition and governments support steady growth at any costs – but to what?

What do we do with all debt that we have accumulated? Do we need to be worried? Why do we have this situation? Or is it just people that creates unnecessary alarms? How do you feel about this? I think those borrowing criminals should be put to justice, my little house-loan is a completely other thing of course. I will pay it back we I sell or.. in about 432 years with this mortgage rate.

How big is the U.S debt? There is even a debt watch – a the printing press is still printing new money. This is insane.

And it’s steadily increasing…
The Outstanding Public Debt as of 21 Feb 2012 at 07:46:40 AM GMT is:
$15 430 653 399 784
The estimated population of the United States is $12,263,939 so each citizen’s share of this debt is $49,415.42.
The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $4.00 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

Remember Bartlets exponential curve on growth? This one is really great, there are natural laws for steady growth. Simple as that – and we have reached peak in most growth areas. This means we cannot sustain further increasing growth. If the doubling time I 7 years we have to for example the next 7 year-period produce double the amount of energy as we did the last 7 years that is ALL energy that we have EVER produced on this planet. And this with increased requirements on reducing CO2-levels etc. The equation does not hold – we will enter a new era. It’s time to panic. Or do something to help us all, perhaps.

We fail to mimic ecology and to obtain sustainable growth we need increased networks between people – we need to discuss what’s wrong… We lose connection between population groups and we do not use opportunities that could turn up because we don’t meet eachother physically like in the old days. Increased population in the cities and growth becomes a problem instead of assets. There’s a built-in lack of Social Capital. That in combination of the machinery…

Sustainability and growth

There was talk about icehockey sticks before…

“You miss a 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
Wayne Gretzky

Somewhere in the reasoning there must be something about learning… which is growth in a different way… how do you grow sustainable… learn sustainable..? How did we end up in this situation? What can we learn from it? How do we get out of it? Will this epic fail acually lead us to a better humane path and if we do have some time left to save the whole planet what other mindset do we need to apply? Same of the shit we have been shoveling the last 40 years..? More control? I don’t think so.

So failure is required for learninga and for growing, how do we apply this to cities and regions? What’s the difference between a opportunity-based or creative approach and a problem-focused approach? Science vs engineering?

The balance in society seems lost – it consist of financial experts, lawyers and engineers – the big picture is lost to each and everyone. We focus on the problems, not the possibilities. Now, this is hindering us. Since we fail to see the larger whole, we lose the meaning and purpose of getting the job done. We stop caring for each other, we have enough of our own problems.

Learning continuously.

We all as citizens need a why, a story, a narrative and a history about our community and society and culture on the way ahead. Now that we maybe should not continue on the path of consuming our way out of depression and crisis, but the lack of current leadership is critical! Sometimes it feels very liberating when someone basically loses it and gets pissed off. Why don’t we more often?Who will be single person firing off a series of global events much like the arab spring? What is the Occupy movement doing?

Ah, that’s right, feelings are a sign of weakness – it’s not machine-like behaviour. An engineer or a finance expert does not have feelings. Being part of a machine does not allow for feelings getting the upper hand.

It’s like we have shut down every single ability to feel. Why? When having a good feeling about something (whatever it is) it will make you do anything just to get you where you want. If you have kids, you’d do anything to keep them happy..! Why not use feelings to produce stuff also? Why not use feelings when growing and learning? And rebuilding society?

So, with that in mind. It’s a daily struggle. What if we had some technology helping us see things from another perspective..?

Let’s go back to leadership again, what should that be about? Management and control? No… What should learning be about? Management and control? No… A learning organisation needs to foster individuals that are happy and that are allowed to make mistakes. Same goes for the whole society. And we need to be opportunity-focused instead of problem- focused.

Just ask yourself the questions! You have the permission to be real… we all have to get real fast and be responsible leaders – no-one else will be it for us.

Please don’t let anyone stand in your way, living your life and creating a more human life on earth. Avoid brick-walls, inspire and get mad as hell when required – don’t be a part of the machinery. I wish you all peace and prosperity, no matter what nation you belong to or religion or age or job.

Thank you for taking the time.

Here’s the Prezi: Prezi version


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