The next big trend on the Internet after “search” of Google and “social” of Facebook

Questions can help development and to create the future. The best way to predict the future is to try and change the world as it is today.


Top trends can be boxed into cooperation, coordination and convergence. The next big thing will be “matchmaking on eBay” or on some other new innovative company probably – matchmaking of resources – and resources are anything that someone have and another one needs. We will begin trading with commitment, ideas, energy, waste, problems/solutions, transports, knowledge, questions/answers, networks. We will not be forced to limit ourselves to money – money is broken and a decreasing resource.

Cooperation & Coordination

Social media will evolve and provide tools for serious project management across organisational and national boundaries allowing coordinated efforts helping the government, the academy, new and large companies, organisations and citizens to work towards mutual goals efficiently. This will be happen with help of the global environmental awareness and the current lack of efficiency today.


The big thing convergence will involve convergence of information exchange protocols, convergence of data analysis & synthesis, convergence of visualisation technology and so on. The process of technology transfer from military and aerospace to civil will continue and the shift from heavy spending on military technology to green environmental technology will also continue.

Effects and opportunities

All of this will lead to personalisation and increased citizen participation of societal development. This means governance levels becomes much more efficient and will truly be able to go from word to action. This also means that research and companies will cooperate on developing concepts and technology that governance levels (the citizens) truly needs. Gaming technology will boost and foster cooperation and learning so that learning becomes a natural competitive way of building social networks, trust and meaningfulness.

A new set of global values
Global cooperation will be necessary, however, global recession will force other currencies than money to evolve. Hopefully global cooperation will solve energy crisis before energy crisis will terminate every kind of cooperation. Along with endless opportunities there are always disasters around the corner. Working with resilience and preparedness for the unexpected is not something you can be done with – it’s a continuous process and a way of working. Dealing with the same communication tools in “peacetime” as well as during crisis will increase resilience and preparedness. Cooperation areas can be formed both for operative and for strategic purposes. Now, values of sharing views and perspectives will create a mutual understanding of how each and everyone can help and contribute. Once the communication and working together infrastructure is in place – focus will shift from money issues to common goals and activities. Once organisations truly feel they’re under the same umbrella focus will be on where to go not wether it’s raining or not.
The sense of empowerment and enlightenment shall rule the world.

Gratefulness, sustainability and social growth will the new meme replacing greed, consumption and competition.

If something feels doable then go for it, go with your gut feeling. Shutting off feelings belongs to the industrial era, the new is entrepreneurial thinking – using and mixing the resource that are available – synthesis. Synthesis require matchmaking and convergence – with that miracles can be designed and implemented.

Nobody can tell the future, but we can all try. What do you want for your future? Is it peace in the world or is it a new car? Or both? Or is it stopping global warming or solving the debt crisis? Or is just to provide a secure home for your family? Or is it changing the industrial education system? Either way, connect with those who have the same ideas and values – they might just know how to help you. Together but in our own pace and because of own benefit we can do anything – earthly at least.


5 thoughts on “The next big trend on the Internet after “search” of Google and “social” of Facebook

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  2. This is really interesting, You are an excessively skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to in quest of more of your excellent post. Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks

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