Transition of self

You are your own culture. You own the soil. You own the seed. You own the power to water yourself, give yourself nutrition, and you own the power to become what you want.

Things happen

They happen due to relations and coincidence. Not through destiny and some preset schedule. Or a man-made plan. Simple as that – things happen. Wether you want it or not usually. The many wills of many creates the soil and you’re in it. What can you do? In this incredible networked world (of today) you are actually part of reality and the overall complex system. You are connected. You are connected by reading this. And therefore you have an opportunity. You are not locked up in a cell. You have no boundaries whatsoever. Really. There are cultural boundaries that are difficult.

Fadime was murdered for being in love with someone that her dad and his brothers didn’t accept.

Change and grow

If you own some pathological culture, please. This is for you. You are the culture our society relies upon. You and sustainability and long-term thinking is the things communities are built upon. And dear me, it might be sad, annoying, wrong, hateful, terrifying and sometimes it can just feel unjust and threatening. Your mind is just playing tricks on you. Your narrow focusing part of yourself is feeling threats and you react by feeling more threatened. What you should do is step back in the moment and make some sense. And sense for the whole and just not sense for the focused aspect. Now if you were a bird picking seeds, and you’re quite good at it. You would be quite annoyed if some strangers (typically birds of another colouring) came and seemingly took your seeds you were about to pick. The strategy of removing these strangers is instinctevly correct, but we’re in a different age now. You are in a prosperous neighborhood, you are young, you have a safety net consisting of parents that are willing to support you. You have everything. Why would you wanna bother about others taking your seed, if you have it all? Maybe it would be envy. If not what can life and interplay with others create for you? Who says you can’t do anything? Is it you? Well then change your culture! Change your soil and the crops you’d like to harvest. How can you do that? By just changing mindset in a millisecond.

Change is start

You are in your perfect place. Find that special defining thing for you. Grow. Find your potential don’t let the biggest brickwalls of all times (YOU) stand in your way…! Things happen – you can happen – just like that, in a blink of an eye. Transition of self means trusting yourself. How can you change yourself? Imagine being a person with suicidal thoughts. You have not asked to be born – life is a daily struggle, getting up in the morning is hard, and meeting happy people are just more than you can handle. The future seems just a painful long journey to the certain death and you can do nothing about it.

If you havn’t: Imagine having lost a child. Imagine losing your parents. Imagine losing your best friend. Imagine life instead of death.


Let go. Let grow. We have one life. Create meaning.

If you are stuck where you are and if you are old – ok. Then become beautiful at least and don’t stop others. Help others to grow and let go even if you can’t. Be that oak then and make others come to you for guidance and comfort. Don’t stop or hinder others that wants to grow as well. Create meaning for them, that can be your mission and meaning.

And if you are stuck, old like an oak – decide to be something else. Like a bird – like an eagle. Or you could be human – that’s ok too. Be you and no-one else. Let go. Jump in. No matter how old you are, or how young – you can always change and be someone else. Be an oak and grow. Just be.

It’s very difficult to look at yourself and change. Talk it through with yourself – communicate with yourself and decide who you wanna be. Visualize, change and let go of the past. The future is the only time you have left – take care of it.


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