The right vehicle for world peace

Sometimes ideas sticks longer than others. Now, this one has been lurking in my mind for almost a year now. It’s not my idea of course. That’s why I’m sharing. Also, this is a bottom-up approach and calls for daily action. In the background there’s some heavy research around co-operation, learning organisations, systems thinking and do I dare to say modern self-synchronized command & control. Now, those research areas aren’t really selling in the general public but Global peace missions might just. I need help and feedback on the following.

There’s a wonderful person in Sweden called Micke Gunnarsson and he’s currently since 1 jan 2012 running The Peace Mission (Fredsuppdraget in Swedish). He has a theory that we can increase the peace in the world by doing small good little tiny things everyday to ourselves and to our fellow human beings. Here are a few examples:

Say “Hi” to someone you don’t know.

Hug at least 5 people today.

Give someone you care about a flower today. You don’t have to buy one, you can draw it.. use your imagination and what feels right for you.

Some of the missions are easy, others test you and makes you get out of your comfort zone. Anyway, the initiative has been on the news and has spread to schools and there’s a lot of great stuff going on. Micke will post a mission every day during the whole 2012 on Facebook, in a blog and now also through an app for smartphones.

Situation awareness

Now, here’s where my brain starts working. Of course in order to be aware of what’s going on out there Micke needs some tools to keep track of what people are doing. He would love to have a site that took care of showing him where the missions have been carried out and with pictures, movies and comments of appretiation. He would also like to keep track of information around the peace mission (articles, blogs, news etc). And these kind of systems we’re working on professionally and delivers agencies, municipalities etc. It’s called Situation Awareness (see previous post here). I’m also working with taking ideas into reality and making visions true. How do we do that? Is there a tool and a process for it? No, not yet. Can we use several different tools and use successful examples and try to… try at least? Yes.

A genuine vision

So if we have a nice vision let’s say peace on earth (do the giggle now). How would we go about? This is what this post is about.
Starting with the small missions like the described above combining it with the SA-tools and make that public so that the people out there can give feedback and also see other peoples actions. This strengthens the movement. The leaders becomes the followers and the followers becomes the leaders. How to start a movement.

Now, in this phase it’s possible to make people buy t-shirts etc to keep the movement going and there’s always investors for good causes… But now it’s important that the money goes to the movement not to some crook. Every penny gathered should be published and every cent spent should be voted on in public and everyone salary working with the movement should be voted on by the “community”. When that is clear it will be easier to take it to the next level. I like gamefication. If you have performed let’s say 20 documented daily peace missions you allowed to connect with weekly missions and need to team up with at least one more person. Missions here could involve paying an elder person’s groceries, or helping an homeless with a meal or writing a letter to the government on some important cause or singing a childish song in the local square. When having performed 20 of those missions you become entitled to the level of “enthusiast” or something and you can define you own montly challenges and also apply for funding. These missions are suggested like in and people will vote on them and people can donate money as in the crowdfunding way. These mission maybe needs 5 people (an administrator, an entrepreneur, a “mad man”, a software developer and an artist of some sort). Of course these kind of personalities can be sought for and found through the site and there will be “Mad man” of the year awards etc.

The next step

I can really see this happening. And of course yearly missions involves more people and cooperates with Red cross, UN etc. And of course the site will coordinate and bring data together from all other peace movements out there (,,,,,,

Crisis and opportunity

In a crisis situation there’s always this trust issue.. but stakeholders are forced to trust each other (they have no choice) – everyone will let go of their fears and everyone works for one “vision” – helping people and restoring society to normal. When the crisis are over people has found friends for life usually… Now, crisis situations are extreme, but the collaboration principles are the same – working for the environmental goals is nothing but crisis management – it’s just stretched over a longer time and the consequences.. are.. hmm.. utterly disastrous. When the vision and the goals are super-clear people will collaborate and trust eachother.. “Trust me”, I know..

In credibility we trust

Introducing a trust parameter is interesting. How can you know information is true and worth anything? I’m thinking of using gaming techniques.. You level up your trust-indicator over time in your profile. I’d say Dalai Lama would be the highest level and you would start on neutral (Mr Anderson?).

Naturally people would strive to increase their trust level and maybe cheat and fool people, but that’s like it is already out there.

The trust scale

Who would represent the first level that people would wanna go for and that everyone would know and would have a slightly more sense of trust for? What levels are there? If you have a blog and has written 10 “trustworthy” blogs you will reach level 1 and will be able give away trustworthy points..? After that you will have to publish 5 videos with you as a speaker? After that setting 5 achievable and measurable goals..? This whole scale needs to be set and perhaps be a secret. I think it’s important to feel the road-map but also to become curious about what’s next. Something must also happen even if you don’t do anything. While you are thinking others can do missions and document results, share stories, like actions, comment on implications etc. What happened yesterday? What will go about tomorrow? Which planned actions can we look forward to next week?


So what do you think? Do you want to help trying to see what can be done?

And let’s not hurry. Work it through in your head and contact me giving me ( feedback and feedforward, I’m also on Facebook and twitter (chrhe894).

Peace & Love



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